Ponderings from the Podium August 20-24, 2018

Happy Monday Parents and Students


The 2018 Summer Band has been the most successful to date for the Lobo Band!  The students have done an incredible job with marching basics, wind sectionals, master classes and the learning of the 2018-2019 marching production “reJOYce”. We believe that everyone will greatly enjoy the show with its colors, great music and just an overall joyful time!!!  The Lobo Band is well on its way to having both the full band halftime show and the varsity competition show learned before the end of summer band!  The students have also enjoyed various activities such as the Great Fruit Drop 2018, Ice Bucket your Section Leader, and a week of wacky dress up days.  We still have the annual summer band pool party on Friday, August 24th at the Kyle Pool.  8:00-10:00 PM.

We have multiple fundraisers in place currently.  These will benefit our program greatly as well as providing opportunities for students to cover the costs of items such as their band fees, private lessons and Ireland cost for the spring trip.  The fundraisers are Snap Raise which is geared towards the full bands costs for a replacement trailer (we are about half way there), and to help us obtain charter buses for our long distance marching festivals to McAllen TX and Waco (if possible).  We also have the Football Game-Day Program Ads and the Discount Card/App.  Both of these go directly to help each individual student with the above mentioned costs.  Please pass the word and help our students make these fundraisers as successful as possible.

We have a few items upcoming of which we want you to share:


  1. Show themed shirts well be offered this year for the first time. There are 2 colors offered.  Black for the students and Purple for the parents.  Purple matches the color palette in “reJOYce” and it will allow our students to find you quickly in the stands at contests and events.  You may choose to have your section (your child’s section): Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, or Colorguard for your shirt front, or you may simply choose Lehman Lobo Band for the front.  All shirts will have the same back that says The “reJOYce” Tour and provides a list of all performance this season.  The shirts are NOT required for students or parents.  The cost is $15 and they may be ordered online at Ticket Tracker.  AS SOON AS THE LINK TO ORDER IS ACTIVE WE WILL POST IT HERE AND SEND IT OUT THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA.
  2. Last week of Summer Band. Our schedule for the last week of summer band is as follows.

 Monday              8:30-10:00 AM   Oboe Master Class
”             ”             6:00-9:00 PM      Varsity
Tuesday              6:00-9:00 PM      Varsity
Wednesday        6:00-9:00 PM      Varsity
Thursday            6:00-9:00 PM      Varsity
Friday                  8:00-10:00 PM   Pool Party!  All

3.  First week of school band schedule.

Monday              5:00-8:00 PM      Varsity
Tuesday              6:30-8:00 AM      JV
Wednesday        6:30-8:00 AM      Varsity
”                   ”       7:00  PM             Lobo Kick-Off     All
Thursday            5:00-8:00 PM      Varsity
”              ”           Coupon Fundraiser Ends
Friday                  GAME DAY!!!!     Detailed event schedule to follow
”         ”                 6:30-7:30 AM     Varsity
”         ”                 7:30-8:00 AM     All


Remember that the meal plan is in effect for all games and contests.  If you have not purchased the meal plan I strongly encourage you to take advantage of that offer.  It is not a fundraiser, it is simply an opportunity for your student to have a meal delivered to the band hall prior to our departure for any game or contest.  Boosters are able to accommodate some dietary needs however those are dependent on the meals that the restaurants provide.  You may find info about cost and how to pay by clicking HERE.

Lastly, thank you for providing us the opportunity to work with such amazing young adults.  Your students are doing an incredible job of representing you, our band and our school with their hard work, great attitude and commitment to excellence!  Our band program could not be successful with their efforts and your support!  Thank you for everything you do to help create our success story!!!  As we say at the end of every rehearsal:  It’s a Great Day to Be a Lobo!!!


Lehman Lobo Band Directors!