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If you have not taken the time to get to know the Charms Office Assistant I encourage you to do so.  This is the starting and ending place for all LHS Band information.  Remember that to log into charms you simply type “Lehmanhsband” for the login name and then use your child’s Hays CISD student ID# as the password.  If, for some reason, the password does not work please contact us at the LHS Bandhall and we will reset it for you.   Here is a breakdown of just a few of the functions available within charms:


There is an APP for that!!!!!!
     Charms does have a student app that you can download on any smart phone.  Simply do an app search for  Charms Parent/Student Portal.  The icon should look like this:Charms office appHere is more information about the app through the Apple Store and through Google Play.   Additionally there are multiple tutorial videos located on Youtube that you may watch to discover more functions.


Calendar:  The LHS Band calendar has two aspects – public and private.  All events that are marked as public can be seen by any visitor that goes to the Lobo Band webpage.  Here you will see items such as events, public performances, and general information.  If an event is placed on the calendar using the private function then those events can only be seen by our directors, students and parents once they have “logged into” Charms.  This keeps the public calendar from becoming overcrowded as well as keeping dates and events that only apply to students and parents from being displayed to the public.

Also available on the calendar are opportunities to volunteer to help our band program at numerous events and in different capacities such as “Shaved Ice”, “Pit Crew”, “Chaperon”, etc….  If you see this multi colored hand on the calendar:charmsHand click on it and you will be directed to a signup area for that specific event.  Don’t worry, even though it asks for you email address and phone number that information is not displayed for anyone to see.  The only item that is available for the public to see is your name.  This allows friends to see that you have volunteered and they can sign up for that same shift with you if they would like.  Your email address and phone number are for the boosters to be able to contact you with detailed information concerning the event for which you just volunteered.


Another function on the calendar is the required attendance icon.  If you are on the calendar, either private or public and you see this icon:Reguired RAny time that you see this red R on an event it means that attendance is required.  This is an easy way to answer the question “does my child need to be there?”.


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